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Sunday, February 13, 2005

Evaluating Dental Insurance Plans

When you're approached by a carrier to become a member of their dental network and accept their benefit schedule, what factors do you evaluate when making a decision? Do you consider how many subscribers in their area and do they quote contracts or actual potential patients? Do you ask how many other doctors are participating in your area to size up the competition? How about the number of your current patients that are in the program? If the fee schedule is less than your actual charges, if you join, you will probably be limited to those fees rather than your regular ones. Of course, if you decide not to participate, you run the risk of losing those patients to a neighboring dentist who does.

The procedures on the fee schedule are important too. If only basic, preventive, diagnostic and simple restorative are covered, you might be able to continue to charge your regular fees for the higher end procedures such as fixed/removable prosthetics or implants. And do you have ability to compare fee schedules for various plans based on benefits and frequency? You might be better off participating with a plan that has a high preventative benefit than one that is high on the low frequency procedures but low on the treatment you render often. Contact The Huskin Group to properly evaluate your present and future dental insurance participation.

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